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What About Glass Tiles

October 21, 2009

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Floor and wall covering options have increased in the last few years.
More choices are offered to the consumers.
Glass tile is one of them and is really popular these days.
They can be elegant, sophisticated and the choices offered are endless.

Mirror glass tiles

Here is a comprehensive view on what glass tiles are:

Glass tiles as their name indicates are made from glass. They are mostly used in pools, spas, bathrooms, kitchen floors and walls and look great as a backsplash. Some of them even include small imperfections that give them such a unique look.

Ice sticks tiles

They come in a wide a variety of colors and shades: bold, vibrant, clear, opaque, milky, pearlescent, iridescent to name a few

Sizes range from 1” x 1”   to 18” x18”. They have different shapes such as small round circles called “pennies”, mini, medium or large rectangles, mini, medium or large squares and sticks.

Clear glass tiles

They can be sold as sheets, (mostly for mosaic), per square foot or box.
Always remember to order extra. About 10% to 20% for waste, as glass tiles are very delicate and can break or shatter when cut. It is also a good idea to have some spare ones for replacement.

Prices vary according to the manufacturer, design and complexity of the tile. Prices range form $ 4.00 a square foot  and up to $ 200.00 a square foot. Consumers should shop around and compare prices between manufacturers. Ann Sacks, Glass Tile Inc, Paris Ceramic, Ocean Glass Tile are some of the leading manufacturers.

Installation for glass tiles is very specific. Each box should include guideline installations. These tiles are usually installed on what we call “a crack suppression membrane” to prevent shrinking and movement, which can cause the cracking of the glass. Non-sanded grout is recommended as to avoid scratches on the surface and  a special thin set should be used. Floor and wall glass tiles are different make sure you buy the right one for your project.

As you know eco friendly products are on the rise, so it is not surprising that some tile companies use recycled glass to make glass tiles. Oceanside Glass Tile is a pioneer in this field and most of their tiles are recycled. Whatever selection you make, glass tiles will add luster and dimension to walls and floors, and will give the room its character. I know you will enjoy them.
Happy Decorating!

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